Jody and Kathy Victor have made generosity a way of life.

When their community needed a youth baseball field for the kids, Jody and Kathy Victor were there, financing a project to build Crown Field in Ohio–complete with an electronic scoreboard, dugouts, sod and bleachers.

That project began in 1981, and over the 30+ years that followed, the Victors have continued to expand and improve the baseball facility, even adding an XStreme Baseball academy, where kids can practice their skills while learning lessons about life.

“It teaches them about character while they play the game,” says Jody, “about having a good self-image, and overcoming obstacles like fear and procrastination.”

The Crown Field baseball project is just the tip of the iceberg, though the Victors would prefer not to talk about their charitable giving if it were up to them.

The second-generation Amway IBO family has been active on the national level–as well as in their local community-giving of their resources as well as their time on countless projects. But as often as they make personal donations, they also contribute to causes anonymously.

“That’s just how we do things, we’re here to help.”

For their decades of quiet philanthropy, Jody and Kathy Victor are the recipients of the 2013 Amway Hero Award for Generosity.

Another cause especially close to their hearts is the U.S. Dream Academy, empowering at-risk children through after school and mentoring programs that include technology as part of the focus.

Jody serves on the board of directors, and both he and Kathy donate their time and resources to helping the kids involved with U.S. Dream Academy.

For the Victors, business and giving back are true family values. Jody’s parents were among the first three IBO couples when Amway was founded in 1959.  All of their children are also Amway IBOs –son Joe and his wife Kelli; son Steve and his wife Marcia; and daughter Terri and her husband Greg Fraumann. Along the way, generosity has always been emphasized, and they’ve all taken that to heart.

“Giving back is a necessary part of being human,” says Kathy. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a little or a lot. It makes a difference in your life –and in the lives of others.”