IBO FACTS®IBOs and Amway North America


The opportunity is the same for everyone who starts this kind of independent business. That's because the Independent Business Owner (IBO) Compensation Plan is structured to provide an even playing field for everyone.

People from all walks of life have achieved the Diamond level. But no matter the individual, a consistent combination is always present for those who reach this amazing level in the Business - desire and hard work, which require time and strong commitment.

For example:

  • Some IBOs may simply want to earn extra income for a limited time.
  • Others may want to generate a modest ongoing income.
  • Still others may hope to build a large, full-time business.

As with any business, hard work is necessary to build an independent business powered by Amway, and that requires time and commitment, especially in the beginning.

The fact is, this Business offers tremendous flexibility. IBOs powered by Amway can start immediately and work at home. They can operate their business when they want, at their own pace, on their own schedule, and according to the goals they have set for themselves. The choice of when, where, and how much time to devote to their independent business is theirs alone.

Growing Together, Success For All!